Servicing & Repairs


We offer a full repair and maintenance service for the general public. The revenue generated from this supports the ongoing core work of the project – helping those less fortunate get out on two wheels.

– We offer this service Monday to Thursday 9:00 to 18:00, Friday 10:00 to 18:00 and Saturday 10:30 to 17:30. Should you wish to book an appointment, please ring us on 0117 942 1794 or email

– We are able to provide a full quote when you drop the bike off. There is no charge for this service. In the case of additional unforeseen work being required, we will always contact you to ensure that you are happy to proceed.

– All bikes repaired by us are given a thorough test ride before being returned to you.

– Where appropriate, we can supply and fit secondhand parts as part of any repair we undertake.

“Thanks for the work you did to my much abused and poorly maintained GT Zum. it is smooth and quick again – I’d forgotten how it was once a good bike.
It had been used to pull a tag along for 3 years up hills.”
Kind regards – Graham


 Maintenance Packages (prices do not include the price of replacement parts)


Level 1 service (£ 35.00)

 • Brakes checked and adjusted
• Gears set up (re-aligning the derailleur if necessary)
• Wheels checked for damage/wear, slight wheel true if necessary
• Tyres inflated and inspected
• Bottom bracket / headset / hubs checked for lateral play
• Bolts checked
• Frame and forks inspected for damage
• Seat post & quill stem greased

Level 2 Service (£ 50.00)

 • Hub serviced, tyres inflated and inspected, rims checked
• Drive train taken apart, cleaned and reassembled. Gears set up (re-aligning the derailleur if necessary)
• Frame and fork cleaned up and inspected for damage/misalignment
• Bottom Bracket thread re-greased
• Headset checked for lateral play
• Brakes checked and adjusted
• Bolts checked
• Seat post & quill stem greased
• Our level 2 service also covers the cost of fitting any consumable parts such as brake pads, cables, bottom brackets, chains, cassettes etc.


Level 3 Service (£ 65.00)

 • Restoration with significant part replacement

• Same work as level 2 but including extra labour cost for replacing major parts


Standalone Jobs

Brake Service: £ 17.50

Gear Service: £ 17.50

Puncture: £ 12.00 (includes new inner tube)

Tyre fitting: £ 6.00

Wheel truing: from £ 17.00

Rear wheel fitting: £ 12.00

Front wheel fitting: £ 6.00

Headset fitting: £ 23.00

Headset service: £ 17.50

Bottom Bracket fitting/re-greasing: £ 17.50

Chain/cassette/freewheel replacement: £ 15.00

Drive train replacement: £ 25.00 (free on a Level 2)

Chain fitting: £ 8.00 (without a gear service)

Brake bleed: from £ 17.50

Hub Service: £12.50

Mudguard/Rack Fitting: £7.50

Labour: £ 32.50 per hour

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%

To book a repair, please call 0117 942 1794