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A complete cycle maintenance course over two Saturdays, tailored around your bike. The first day covers the most common repairs whilst the second gets more involved with the deeper workings of the bike. You can book either day or just one day if you prefer. No prior experience is needed – just the desire to get hands-on and skilled up. The aim is to save you money on future repairs and to demonstrate just how empowering and enjoyable cycle mechanics can be with a few tools and the right knowledge.

Our courses have two tutors and spaces are limited to just six students. That way we aim to create a relaxed and supportive environment, where you’ll get all the help you need. New cables and brake blocks are included in the price of the course. We also stock new and used parts should you need them.

Once you’ve completed a day course, we’d love you to come back and use our facilities at either our weekly Bike Kitchen or Women’s Night. Or even to volunteer with us and further improve your skills.

Day Courses run from 10am to 4pm(ish) with a 30 minute lunch break. Tea and Coffee are provided.

Free parking is available in the Hamilton House car park off City Road.

The course costs £60.00 per day. We also offer an unwaged rate of £35.00, (if you use your bike as sole transport and are not able to afford the full price).

If you’d like to buy the course as a gift, just select “Voucher” from the drop down menu. We will then post out a voucher to you to pass on. The recipient can arrange a suitable date with us.

For more information, email Mike Lowe

Important: Whilst we cover a wide range of bicycle types, we do not cover the following; suspension forks, bleeding hydraulic brakes, cartridge wheel bearings hub gears, replacing push fit bottom brackets.  If you have any queries about this, please let me know.

Also: Doing the course is sure to make your bike run smoother. However, if your bike needs lots of work, you’ll need to be realistic about what can be achieved in the limited time available on the day. You can always bring it back to the Bike Kitchen.

Intensive Cycle Maintenance Course: Day 1 £60

Day 1 starts off looking for trouble, finding faults before they become expensive repairs. We then go on to tackle brakes and gears, giving them a complete overhaul with new cables and brake blocks. Then getting them set up to work perfectly. Then we fix a broken chain. The last job is mending punctures.

– Complete bike checkover. Fault finding and gauging wear on chains, rims etc.
– Brakes: fitting new blocks and new cables. Setting up for optimum performance.
– Adjusting disk brakes and fitting pads (if requested)
– Gears: straightening the mech hanger. Setting limit screws. Calibrating for perfect shifting.
– Fixing a broken chain by the roadside, using a multitool.
– Replacing tires and tubes
 and mending punctures.

Book Your Place on Day 1:

Select Date
Phone Number

Or call the Bristol Bike Project on 0117 942 1794 to book over the telephone.

Note: Once booked, if you wish to cancel or rearrange your course date, you must tell us at least 5 days beforehand. Otherwise we cannot refund or rearrange your course.

Intensive Cycle Maintenance Course: Day Two £60

Day 2 gets greasy. We’ll go through all the bearings, stripping them down for a thorough service, adding years to the life of your bike. Then we tackle the drive chain. If yours is worn, now’s the time to bring in a replacement and fit it yourself. We can offer advice on what to buy, plus we have many parts in stock. We then go on to look at truing wheels and replacing a broken spoke.

– Hub bearing service (open type, not cartridge bearings found on high end modern hubs)
– Servicing and fitting headsets
– Complete drive chain removal and refitting, (removing cassette and cranks, all types)
– Bottom Bracket service or replacement (cup and cone, cartridge and Hollowtec II, Not press fit).

– Replace a broken spoke
– Introduction to wheel truing

Book Your Place on Day 2:

Select Date
Phone Number

Or call the Bristol Bike Project on 0117 942 1794 to book over the telephone.

Note: Once booked, if you wish to cancel or rearrange your course date, you must tell us at least 5 days beforehand. Oherwise we cannot refund or rearrange your course.

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by Sophie Hughes on Intensive Course
Intensive course

We had a fantastic time on intensive day 1. Learnt so much, great pace, everything explained really well, lots of practical hands on and teachers really helpful and super friendly. Hoping there'll be some day 2 dates soon!

by Andy Metcalfe on Intensive Course
Intensive Course Day 1

A great course run by two fantastic teachers. I thought that maybe I'd go straight on to the Day 2, but so glad I came to the Day 1 course first. For years I have been tinkering with my bikes with results that were achieved more by luck than judgement! I now understand the reasons and methods for doing the basics correctly. Can't wait to sign up to the Day 2 course!

by Emma on Intensive Course

After years of having the right tools, but not sure how to use them, I can finally put them to use. Day 1 has already saved me money as we got my bike problems fixed that were going to cost me more than £60 for a pro to do. Both the tutors were very patient and helpful which made it a really enjoyable day.

by Simon on Intensive Course

Good fun & I learnt a lot. I just went on the second day, most others had done day 1 previously but I was welcomed & didn't feel left out in any way. It was well worth the day & I feel a ,lot more confident about tackling some of the more involved parts of bike maintenance. Nice people too.

by dorje on Intensive Course
very useful course.

Simply great course. If anyone loves bike and want to keep it healthy, then become doctor of your own bike by attending these courses. Instructors are very good. Good knowledge, teaching technique, friendly environment and nice coffee breaks through out day. Overall beautiful productive sat, when attending this course. Thank you very much Bristol Bike Project. Hope to see you again.

by Peter Thomas on Intensive Course
Excellent course

I went on this course today and had a great time. I travelled from Cardiff because I couldn't find anything that covered the same breadth. I learnt a lot and the tutors were attentive and patient and very good at explaining all aspects.

by Charlie Major on Intensive Course
Intensive Cycle Maintenance Course - Day 1

Cannot speak highly enough about this course. Great value-for-money.
Mike and the team at the Bristol Bike Project delivered an excellent day. The course was pitched just right, covering the M-check, changing brake cables, replacing brake blocks, indexing brakes, cutting and replacing chains, puncture repairs and other good-to-know maintenance fixes.
All-in-all, an extremely hands-on and practical course, which more than exceeded my expectations. I'm looking forward to following this up with Day 2.
If you own a bike, make sure you sign up to this course.

by Francois on Intensive Course
Intensive bike course day 1

I've just completed day 1 of the intensive bike maintenance course this week-end. I can only recommend it highly to anyone wanted to know more about how to look after their bike. The team is great, knowledgeable, very helpful and good fun. They managed to make a beginner like me feel more confident about servicing my bike. I learnt a lot in these few hours. Having the option to use their workshop on Thursday evenings is also a big +. Lastly all of other participants were friendly and made the experience even more enjoyable. Thank you.

by Paul Barham on Intensive Course
Intensive bike course

Just attended the all day intensive bike maintenance course. Brilliant day showing us how to strip down and service our bikes. Great teachers, highly recommended.

by Joey on Intensive Course
Excellent courses!

I recently attended both days and they were fantastic! I've always been afraid of working on my bike before now. Even taking the rear wheel off used to leave me in cold sweats. But now, I've had two punctures on my rear wheel since and have repaired the tube both times super quickly. I was also fearful of breaking the rear mech at the slightest touch and I thought the bottom bracket was a magical component that mere mortals never touched! Ha! I'm considering adding a few more tools to my collection so I can regularly service/overhaul all the bearing systems because... I thought it was fun. All the tutors were great and really patient, it was always very inclusive and enough time was given on each part for everyone to really get their heads around it and then actually do it themselves. It also gave me the confidence to attend a women's night drop in to service my front wheel hub myself! I would recommend the maintenance courses and the drop in sessions to anyone who cycles! Thanks so much!!

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